Faces of ChemotherapyI had initially sent this message to a few of my friends who have been trying to quit smoking. Its my hope that others who are also trying to quit smoking will find this of some value.

I know you need some help with your smoking issue, I’ve watched you struggle with it for many years. Please take a few minutes to read through this, it is my hope that reading through the information on this page will help you in your struggle. It may be a good idea to forward the link to your home email address so you can take more time reading and reviewing each piece of the story.

With so many health risks out there, I just can’t imagine willingly adding to your chances of being in this situation by smoking. AND, putting your family through all the consequences that come along with the worst case scenario. Although, this particular situation is not smoking related, it shows the process of getting to the end state.

I don’t know this guy, I just happened to find his photo gallery on pbase(a photo publishing site that i’ve used) and it really touched me. Hopefully it will have an impact on you as well, here is the link. Faces of Chemotherapy Please be sure to take some time to read the text on the page as well.

Before faces of chemotherapyAnd, just in case you need more, here is an image of the same person in a slightly different situation, to remind you why you need to take action now.

Best wishes and good luck,

For help quitting, you can start at this CDC page:

How to Quit

Here are a few external links for cancer research donations:

American Cancer Society

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

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